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Project Coordinator for Empowering for Pandemias :: Erasmus+
UMIT TIROL – private university of health sciences and health technology GmbH (LLC)
Eduard-Wallnöfer-Zentrum 1
6060 Hall in Tirol, AUSTRIA
Tel: ‭+43 50 8648-3909‬

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Responsible for the content: Dr. Nina Lorenzoni

The editing authorities and authors hold all rights to the contents of this website. All information without guarantee and subject to change without notice.

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The internet site provides information related to the scope, project partners, funding, working packages and outcome of the joint program Empowering for Pandemias.

Terms of Use:

The information on this website is subject to a liability disclaimer, a copyright notice, and rules on personal data protection as well as final provisions.

1. Liability Disclaimer:

The UMIT GmbH as program coordinator maintains this website to enhance public access to information about its work. Our goal is to keep this information current and accurate. We assume no liability for the correctness, up-to-datedness, completeness and availability of the offered information.

We cannot assume liability for any and all third party internet websites (links) which lie outside our responsibility.

We undertake all possible efforts to avoid technical disturbances and interruptions. We take no responsibility or liability should such disturbances nevertheless occur. Furthermore, the UMIT GmbH does not assume responsibility for disturbances that may arise as a result of using this website.

2. Copyright Notice:

All texts, images, graphics and possible sound and video data as well as their arrangement on the website are protected by copyright and other laws. All these rights are reserved to the project members. The website may not be altered for use on other websites.

Anyone is at liberty to merely link to our website, no special approval is required, if no misrepresentation or degradation of the UMIT GmbH is involved.

3. Personal Data Protection Rules:

The UMIT GmbH and the project coordinator office respects the privacy of all and processes their personal data according to the regulations of the Data Protection Act 2000. Although you are allowed to use most of the content of our website without providing personal information, in some cases, personal information is required in order to provide the information you request.

What happens to the Emails that you send us?

If you send us an Email, your personal data is processed only to the extent necessary to reply. If necessary, the receiver forwards your message to another competent authority within the project or the university.

References and Links:

In the case of direct or indirect reference to any and all third party internet websites (links) which lie outside the responsibility of the editorial office or the cooperation partners, liability would only and exclusively be accepted if and when the respective editorial office possessed knowledge of such and if and when it would have been technically possible and feasible for the editorial office to have prevented the use of such illegal contents.

The editorial office therefore expressly declares that the corresponding links were free of illegal content at the time of publication. The editorial office has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design and content of the linked websites. Therefore, the editorial office expressly distances itself from the contents of all linked websites which have been altered in any way after the inclusion of the links into this website. This disclaimer applies to all links and references that are included on our internet website as well as for third party entries on our platform. The owner of the linked website is the sole party against whom any and all liability claims can be made regarding illegal, faulty or incomplete contents, and in particular for any claims for damage arising from the use or non-use of any and all information supplied therein.

4. Final Provisions:

By accessing our website and using our services you acknowledge and accept the terms of use stated herein. The terms of use are subject to Austrian law. The sole place of jurisdiction shall be the competent court in Innsbruck, Austria. If any provision of these terms of use are or become ineffective, or contain an omission, then the legal validity of the other terms will not be affected.